Why Are Changes Needed On The Asian Narrative?

Changes are needed in the Asian narrative because the common narrative on Asian American studies mostly focuses on economic and educational success, which furthers the toxic model minority stereotype of Asians. Therefore, distancing Asian Americans from the idea of being a model minority and furthering education pertaining to a variety of Asian culture and history are crucial. Including Asian history in education is important to Asian narratives as it provides multiple advantages, and excluding it, has various downsides.

Benefits Of Including Asian History In Education

Including Asian history in education has beneficial impacts to the Asian narrative. Efforts to learn about Asian-American history and understand others’ struggles can increase the inclusion of Asians in society at a young age and promote a unified, diverse community. It can also encourage displays of respect as students learn to accept others with different identities and backgrounds. Diversified history curricula will allow individuals to have a sense of belonging in society instead of being simply categorized as a minority.

Consequences Of Excluding Asian History From Education

Excluding Asian history from education is an act that ignores the prevalence of anti-Asian racism and the struggles Asians have faced throughout United States’ history. The lack of Asian representation in education can lead to stereotypes and misinformation, planting racism and xenophobia in the minds of youth—both of which can be passed down and stay throughout generations. It can result in anti-Asian hate crimes and other serious actions as well. Education without Asian history can also affect the Asian community’s mental health as bullying, hate crimes, racism, and xenophobia occur due to the lack of Asian representation.

Being Educated

A resource that seeks to educate audiences on the topic of Asian narratives is the novel Asian American Education: Identities, Racial Issues, and Languages edited by Russell Endo and Xue Lan Rong. It is a volume of research that explores Asian American experiences in education surrounded by racial issues and identity struggle within the Asian community. Still, something everyone can do to limit the effects of the lack of representation is to start with respect—to Asians and all races.