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Welcome to Asians in the Spotlight! We are a branch of Asian Advocates, a youth-led organization that aims to stand against racism and xenophobia while also creating a platform and voice for the Asian community. Asians in the Spotlight is centered around highlighting Asians who have broken the myths and stereotypes that are attempt to limit the Asian community, through series of interviews and discussions.
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B1 Ep1

Quotes from Speakers

Angela Yip
Season 1 Episode 7

"Voting is so important because it is one of the tools that we have as citizens of this country to make a difference and make our voice heard. We are the ones paying our representatives to work for us. So being engaged by voting or even volunterring and helping people you want to see represent you get elected is so important because we are paying for them to serve us."

Dustin Liu
Season 1 Episode 6

"Voting is so important because it is a critical act of leadership. I think no one can represent one's own voice except oneself. Our elected officials are only representing voters, they're not representing communities. If you don't vote, you're being represented by someone you didn't have a say into. And there's a core part of that is a defense of democracy and honoring democracy, and there's such a powerful image, so many people have fought for the right to vote, so many people have fought for our ability to have our voice heard. It is just so important that we honor the labor put into those efforts and also honor ourselves, and also acknowledge that our voices deserves to be heard. Voting is such an important part of civic engagement and also an important part of making sure that you honor and are validating your own choice."

Sam Cho
Season 1 Episode 5

"Now in days I fully embrace my heritage. In fact, I do not have the intention or desire to assimilate. When we grow up we're told America is a melting pot, I understand the spirit of that analogy, but I think that analogy is completely wrong. I don't think that we are a melting pot. Melting pot implies that we area put into one [and] somehow we all blend together to create one identity. But the reality is we're more like a tapestry and each of us [and] our cultures are a thread in that tapestry."

Doug Chin
Season 1 Episode 4

"I enjoyed the interctions with people. Being in front of controversies and things like that was something that appealed to me because I enjoyed being part of things that are stressful or problematic because it forces me to come up with solutions to try to solve them."

Sam Park
Season 1 Episode 3

"Our generation and the next generation has an enormous amount of promise and potential we have to one recognize it inside ourselves. We need to be fearless, rise up and take this country by storm."

Joey Manahan
Season 1 Episode 2

"We should all take an active role in our future, whether it's through voting, whether it's getting involved in your own way, whether it's raising awareness, or bringing information out to people. You're going to have to take an active role, because [if] we don't take an active role, then somebody else is going to do it, then we're going to be at a loss. So it's very important to use your voice and use it in the right way. "

Alex Lee
Season 1 Episode 1

"Change in the system is very difficult so it is very discouraging so I would say even the small victories are enough to keep us going. And it is a reminder that we have to keep fighting even if the odds are always against us, or else if we give up we are just giving up into the bad things that are happening in life"

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