In recent years, the name “Karen” has become a widely known term that is used to describe entitled white women who go out of their way to act disrespectful, rude, and oftentimes racist. California puts one of these “Karens” on display at a recent occurrence at a postal office in Los Altos. While receiving assistance at a counter in the postal office, the “Karen” is filmed as she disrespects and curses the postal worker, who is an Asian woman. The video shows her yelling “Can’t you just do your job?” and “I’ve been in this country for 38 years, I think I should know what I’m doing” as well as other statements along the lines of them. She then uses racial slurs that are targeted at the postal worker’s Asian identity. However, the bystanders waiting in line are watching this take place and are calling out the woman for her rude and derogatory behavior, telling her that her actions are unacceptable and “totally not okay.” The man recording shows her leaving the postal office, adding “Get out of here. Bye, Karen,” as she exits the building.

These encounters are occurring more frequently across the United States, and not just in the Southern states or larger cities but in smaller towns and in many more states as well. In this situation, the bystanders did in fact bring attention to this woman’s blunt racism and made sure to let her know that what she was doing was in no way acceptable. Holding others accountable is beyond important in today’s society; calling someone out can help to change their behavior and actions.