Since June, many Asian-Americans in the South have been requesting to get tested for COVID-19 due to a spike in positive cases. Local governments have been prioritizing the supply of COVID resources to hospitals and bigger clinics, neglecting the healthcare needs of neighborhoods with AAPI communities. However, non-profit organizations such as the Center for Pan Asian Community Services have been helping Asian-Americans gain access to COVID resources. They have created one-page flyers with detailed information on the virus, including how to prevent the spread and dealing with symptoms. Bilingual healthcare workers are also assisting Asian-Americans throughout the entire testing process.

Despite a significant population of AAPI people in the south (around 4 million), AAPI communities are underrepresented and overlooked in society. A lot of AAPI people currently live in poverty and lack access to public health, financial and voting services mainly because of a language barrier. However, non-profit organizations are helping to bridge this gap by providing easy-to-access translations and services, especially to the older generation. They are of tremendous help and support, especially during this time.