With the coronavirus pandemic showing no signs of losing momentum all over the United States, Asian-Americans increasingly have to bear the brunt of public discontent. As racist sentiments exacerbate, not even innocent children are being spared in the rising tide of anti-Asian hate crimes. On March 14, Jose L Gomez was arrested on account of the merciless stabbing of an Asian American family at a Texas Sam’s Club, including a 2-year-old and a 6-year-old. When detained, the man admitted to officers that his intent to attack had been that the family “looked Chinese” and seemed to him to be spreading the coronavirus.

Ill will and malicious intent against the Asian-American community are rising steadily, and people’s fear for their own and their loved ones’ safety is making it exceedingly easier day-by-day to let their emotions and ignorance get the better of them. The FBI has stated that they expected “hate crimes against Asian-Americans likely will surge” in the USA, in tandem with the spread of Covid-19, “endangering Asian-American communities”.

Fearing for your loved ones is never pleasant; however, we must not let that turn us into someone that puts others in the same position. Solidarity and fraternity have never been as essential as they are right now, and widespread action can only start with the conscious decisions taken by individuals. In times like this, when the average citizen needs reassurance in the form of a structured life and effective leadership, the government must step up to its role as a keeper of peace and order in chaos, allowing citizens to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with courage and faith in humanity.