Recently, many Asians have encountered violent attacks in various cities. Two more cases occurred last month in Tenderloin, San Francisco, where the 34-year-old man Michael Turner was suspected to have attacked two elderly Asian women. The first attack happened on September 15th at around 7:30 a.m. when the 78-year-old Asian woman was walking on Turk street. She became unconscious after being assaulted and went to the hospital, where the doctors stated that the woman sustained a hip injury. The second attack took place on September 22nd when a 71-year-old woman was walking with her son on Jones street. The woman was physically attacked and was beaten senseless. One of the women was seriously bruised all over her face. The police arrested Turner under felony charges, including abuse, assault, and his contravention of an order to stay away from Market and Jones street.

According to the 91-year-old Tenderloin resident Connie Moy, her son always tells her, "Ma, when you walk around in the Tenderloin area, you have to look around." So many Asians feel insecure and sense danger in their surroundings whether there is any or not, especially since the rise of hate crimes brought to the Asian community from COVID-19. Hate towards Asians increased and was clearly displayed through the numerous cases of violence that are endangering the health and safety of all. They bring fear upon Asians as many worry for sudden strikes they or their loved ones might encounter. We need to stop these incidents from recurring and harming more people. We need to make Asians feel safe. Therefore, it is important for us to resolve the issue together through action and education.