In a series of “suspicious” fires across Hollister, California reported on November 2nd, ten locations were laid waste by suspected arsonist David Anthony Pequeño . Unfortunately, nothing remained to mark the severe damage but ash and rubble. One of these ten locations set ablaze was Cheung Sheng , a longstanding Chinese restaurant that showcased the owner Yauwai Fu’s family’s heritage and history. The restaurant had served happy customers and patrons since 1988 and held many memories for the owner himself, Yauwai Fu.

Although the nearest fire station was just a block away, responders could not reach the site in time to contain the blaze—considerable harm had already been done. The similar timing of ablaze and vandalized cars in the same area potentially links the two incidents, yet officers are hesitant to label the attacks as ‘arson.’

Pequeño was caught trying to leave the area in a different vehicle two hours later, and his previous vehicle had been identified at two of the fire locations. Charged with four counts of felony arson, Pequeño is now serving time in county jail while the police investigation continues. Anyone with information about the fires and vandalism incidents can call Hollister Police at (831) 636-4330. A GoFundMe page has also been set up for the restitution of Cheung Sheng, which has so far raised over $8,000.