The CEO of Solid8, Michael Lofthouse, was recorded on video while name calling and being racist in a restaurant in San Francisco, California earlier this month. The CEO of the computing firm immediately faced backlash and a statement of apology soon followed.

He later told the news media saying it was a mistake, that “It is with regret that my initial statement and apology did not go far enough in addressing my behavior in Carmel last weekend and the steps that I need to take.” He also claimed that he will be stepping down as CEO after stating that “I can confirm that I have stepped down from Solid8, terminating all business relationships with immediate effect.”

In the video recorded at the Asian American restaurant, Lofthouse was caught saying, “Trump’s gonna f--- you” to a family after flipping his finger at them to which an employee protested, “You do not talk to our guests like that." He left the restaurant after being told so by the staff but before leaving, he again abused the family verbally, “You f---ers need to leave... F---ing Asian piece of shit.” Before announcing his resignation on Sunday, he issued a public apology and said that the incident “was clearly a moment where I lost control.”

Although the former CEO claimed to have taken the time to reflect on his actions and work to better understand the inequality that so many of those around him face everyday, many still question the sincerity of the apologies.