In the midst of anti-Asian racism and hate, a glimmer of happiness in the holiday spirit arises. The Lifetime TV movie, “A Sugar & Spice Holiday” will be released Sunday, December 20th with a mostly Asian ensemble. The film is thought to be released at great timing considering the pandemic and rising hate towards Asians. Canadian actor Jacky Lai, who plays the female lead, Suzy, says, “I really do hope that this (movie) - with our faces - is able to hopefully be welcomed by people into their homes and see us as just your American/Canadian friends.”

“A Sugar & Spice Holiday” is the Asian representation found in a Christmas movie genre that has been long overdue. It is claimed to be “full of Christmas heart” and as the pandemic looms over the Asian community, this movie will hopefully be a light during these dark times. As the first Christmas movie with a Chinese American family, this is another step towards Asian representation in media. This Christmas movie adds details from Chinese culture into the plot and the cultural aspect isn’t at the forefront of the movie, to which director Jennifer Liao says, “I love that we were able to kind of include a lot of nice details… It’s really a romantic comedy where the characters happen to be Asian American. It’s nice to make an Asian American movie that’s not necessarily completely frontloaded with having to carry the weight of cultural identity issues and things like that.” As a light-hearted, Christmas themed, romantic comedy, there is hope that this film will further progress Asian American representation in media and change how Asians are viewed in America amidst this pandemic.