It is no surprise that in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, hate crimes against Asians across the West have increased in number, particularly in America. In one of the latest chilling series of such incidents recorded, a cyclist was reported to have spat at and attacked an Asian duo in Manhattan on Wednesday night. Sources say that the man went on an angry rant before dousing his rage by spitting at the couple and throwing his orange bike at them at 8:30 pm EST.

While the act of spitting was already immeasurably disgraceful and humiliating, the words thrown at the couple by the man, “You are Chinese, God hates China, China has virus,” additionally scarred them deeper. This is just one occurrence in a string of such crimes that often go unreported, and they all point in one direction: the Asian community abroad is at a low point in terms of overall public support, and needs to be uplifted and empowered. The general populace needs to be better educated and awareness must be created about the coronavirus pandemic if we are all to coexist peacefully in these strange times. To be united is to be strong, so we must all choose to stick together and fight the face of evil that is ignorance and a lack of education.