On Wednesday, September 9th, a 35 year old Asian family-owned printing business in San Francisco faced a business’s worst disaster—not only was their shop, Dragon Printing, robbed, but it was also burned. After the fire was put out, the shop found that it had lost much of their inventory and supplies. Before this incident, Dragon Printing was already in a time of crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic as business diminished quickly; the owners were even contemplating whether or not to continue the business.

No suspect has been confirmed for this act. However, the security camera footage of the business displayed an unknown man holding a lit lighter over paper boxes and playing with the security camera next to it. In addition to the camera footage, the owner had also confirmed that money was missing from their cash register.

A close family friend of the owners, Maggie Chan, has created a gofundme page to help the Wong family in this unstable time. Chan wrote that “This store was the lifeblood of a hard-working Asian immigrant family that did their best to provide printing, copying, and mailing services all these years and especially during this pandemic.” Many have made donations to the Wong family in order to help them recover from the damages that have occured.



gofundme for DragonPrinting