In another addition to the constant stream of anti-Asian crimes in the USA, a San Francisco woman, Marie, who is a mother of infant twins, was subjected to the loss of a sense of safety and intense disrespect on account of her race. Her home was vandalised and a letter was left at her door bearing the words “I wear my mask if I want F**CKING ASIAN you create the virus”.

These loathsome words were a reference to the lady’s request to a man approaching her and her babies in close quarters for him to wear a mask. At this benign and valid request, the man reportedly charged up towards her, causing her to hastily enter her home in fear. Her husband managed to fend the man away, but no one could have prevented the subsequent attacks on her home—once with a water bottle, then an egg, and finally the hateful letter along with a mask bearing the words “Keep America without Asians”.

Marie was later quoted as saying that she hoped the young perpetrator got the help he needed for his mental health, but that she hoped that no one else in her neighbourhood or the country would have to experience the same fear she did again.