Ever since the pandemic started, Asian owners encountered business issues due to the COVID-19 and the Asian racism that was on the rise. Numerous Asian owners closed their businesses, leaving their employees and themselves with little to no income. The Asian unemployment rate accelerated rapidly from 3-15% within February and May. In other cases, some Asian family-run businesses were opened during the pandemic to earn money, exposing workers to infection. Physical contact with maskless customers created risks for Asian owners and staff who feared trouble to kick them out. Furthermore, anti-Asian racism led to many cases of abusive violence. Asians were attacked for misconceptions with the coronavirus and had fewer customers as people avoided business areas such as Chinatown. Having fewer customers forced the closure of businesses as owners were not profiting. Most Asian owners are not fluent in English and are unqualified, making it hard for them to request government assistance and get help.

Many Asian small business owners and staff are having financial difficulties and health dangers because of COVID-19 and the racism that came along. Asians have to worry whether their loved ones who work in small businesses are safe. Racism not only hurt Asians emotionally but also financially. Racist remarks such as referring to the virus as “Chinese Virus” caused hate crimes that endangered the businesses of Asian stores, salons, laundromats, and restaurants. The businesses were what supported the livings of Asian families. Thus, it is critical for us to help each other in these difficult times by wearing masks when we are outside and spreading awareness of the negative effects of anti-Asian racism to try ending racism.