On November 20th, the White House introduced a sculpture by Isamu Noguchi named “Floor Frame.” “Floor Frame” is the first work of art by an Asian American to be featured in the White House's art collection. The sculpture was believed to be bought by the White House Historical Association in March 2020, but it was then gifted to the White House. The sculpture was worth $125,000 at the sale to the White House Historical Association.

“Floor Frame” now sits in the Rose Garden of the White House. According to the ARTnews, the sculpture is an “angular abstract geometric form that appears to jut out of the ground, burrow back inside it, and then pop back out.” Similar to Noguchi’s other work, Floor Frame applies minimalist styles and perceptual effects to enable its viewers to relate to their environments. It is wonderful to see Asians in the US and other countries emerge in all fields, such as advancing in the fine arts and contributing to its diversity.