Instagram user @louisepzn, an international student from the ESSEC Business School in Singapore, sparked outrage on social media after racist comments and actions in posts emerged. They were brought to light by user @beforeik.o, who made a post highlighting @louisepzn’s racist actions on the social media platform. These include taking a photo in which she makes the’ racist slanted-eye gesture , a caption reading “New year ching chong with my gow sure!” and comments from her friends encouraging this kind of racist behavior.

When defending her stance, @louisepzn stated in a direct message that the Chinese supposedly underwent surgeries to have “European eyes,” and claimed that her actions were not racist. Furthermore, she even claimed that she had a master’s degree from Harvard University in ethnicity at work. Since then, she has switched her account to private and changed the username to @louisegzn. She posted an apology under her new handle, but @beforeik.o stated that it was “insincere and pathetic.” In a multicultural country that heavily promotes racial harmony as part of its national identity, @louisepzn is receiving backlash from Singaporeans and the rest of the Asian community.